Laminated Glass

Two layers of glass used as bread slices over an interlayer  denotes laminated glass.  Laminated glass is viewed by many as a safer product than normal glass due to the fact that if it is broken, the pieces will remain attached to the sticky surface of the interlayer instead of exploding and erupting into many loose pieces.  This type of glass is commonly used in windshields, and as the cockpit windows of aircraft.


Pyrex Glass

Heat resistant to approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit, Pyrex glass is safe to use in an oven or a microwave.  Originally made from borosilicate glass, Pyrex glass was first marketed in 1915 by Corning Incorporated, which first used this type of glass in 1912 for railroad signal lanterns.  The glass was adapted to create a baking tray for use in ovens in 1915.

Today, Pyrex glass is made from borosilicate glass and soda lime glass, and is used in applications such as industry, laboratory, and kitchen.

IG Units

Insulated glass is used in projects and homes when a high possibility of heat or cold loss through windows, and energy costs as well as comfort are factors to be considered.  An insulated glass unit is constructed of two panes of glass are put into a metal, or vinyl frame with an air gap between them.  The air gap is usually between 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick.  The standard size for optimum efficiency is 5/8″ thick.  Instead of air, Argon gas can be used as a filler in this space.

This type of window is known in the industry as an IG Unit, or a double-glazed window, and has become the new standard in residential homes as a way to reduce energy costs.

Has your energy bill increased? Think about replacing your windows!

The efficiency and overall condition of windows can deteriorate over time, and may be in need of replacement.  New processes with window manufacturing have lead to increased light performance and with outside cold or heat reduction.  And there are an abundance of styles to choose from to enhance the look of your home.

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Welcome to the Dallas Glass Blog!

Welcome to the Dallas Glass Blog!  Happy New Year to our customers!

Interesting bits of information will be posted to keep you up to date on window maintenance, and the newest advances in the industry.

The groundhog saw his shadow , so we are looking for several more weeks of chilly weather – keep yourselves warm, and think about installing new windows in your home for added comfort!